Rachel McAdams: What Advice Would the 'About Time' Star Give Her Younger Self?

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We sat down with Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighly and writer and director Richard Curtis to talk about their new film 'About Time'! What would you do if you could travel back to your past? We've been waiting all year for a film like this!

We sat down with Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy and writer and director Richard Curtis to talk about their new movie. About Time is about a young man (Domhnall Gleeson) who finds out he can time travel and goes back to his past in hopes of creating a brighter future.

Rachel already knows her way around time travel (having starred in The Time Travelers Wife), but "I'd heard a rumor that [Richard] might be retiring after this one so it seemed like it might be my only chance to work with him," she said. The story also intrigued her. "I loved the script, the sentiment and the journey we go on with these characters."

If the cast could really time travel, what advice would they give their younger selves? "Don't take drugs and pay your taxes," Bill said (hear that, kids?). "It's kind of a joke, but it's not. I regret doing one and not doing the other." Rachel said she wouldn't worry so much about getting a job: "I would tell my younger self to just relax and it'll be okay."

Though the film balances comedy, romance and a little bit of sci-fi, Richard would love it if people walked out of the theater thinking "'Oh, today is going to be alright,' rather than 'today is just going to be a worry.'"

Don't forget to catch About Time in theaters on November 8.


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