Ariana Grande Talks Love, Jai Brooks Breakup by Text Message

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Ariana Grande talks about how Jai Brooks broke up with her by text message, finding love with boyfriend Nathan Sykes, and what was really in the background of a recent selfie (note: not a sex toy!). Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks breakup over text message
In Ariana Grande's new Complex magazine interview, she reveals some thoughts on the new love in her life, Nathan Sykes.

While things are rosy for Nariana, it seems Ariana's breakup with previous boyfriend Jai Brooks was pretty harsh.

In a video Q&A with Complex, Ariana dishes on her worst breakup and it sounds like Jai and Ari split via text message.

She explained, "The worst way I've been broken up with was probably over a text message the opening night of my tour right before I was about to go on stage."


As for experiencing love, Ariana explained, "Love comes in many different forms. You can love somebody and not be in love with them. They can break your heart and you can cry over it but still not be in love with them."

She added, "Love is a really peculiar thing. I think as far as being in love, I've experienced it."

When asked, "Recently?," she said, "Yeah."

Sounds like Nathan for sure then!

Ariana also talked about a recent selfie she took where, she explained, fans pointed out what looked like a sex toy in the background!

She explained, "Everybody was like 'There's a big black dildo on the floor.'"

All was not what it appeared to be though, as she said, "Are you kidding me? That's a microphone for my looping machine because I'm a singer."

She added, "People have too much damn time on their hands and just need Jesus if you ask me. I hope they find something better to do with their time."



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