X Factor Voting Fail? Contestants Get a Second Chance After Show's Error

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An X Factor voting error is giving contestants another chance, as a graphics fail displayed the incorrect voting numbers for East Coast viewers. Contestants will sing their "Save Me" songs tonight, with an elimination next week. X Factor voting error save me songs
The X Factor contestants are getting a second chance, due to a voting fail on the show.

At the end of the Motown night of performances, there was a graphics error that displayed the wrong voting numbers during the recap for the East Coast broadcast.

What's a show to do? Since it was an error by the X Factor folks, the contestants will get to sing their "Save Me" songs tonight rather than the first live-results show that was supposed to air.

That means that everyone is safe until next Wednesday's results show...but it doesn't mean they don't have to scramble and work hard to save themselves.

The finalists will sing hit 80s songs next Wednesday as well, with another elimination on Thursday.

Simon Cowell tweeted about the show snafu: "A lot of you noticed there were some problems with the voting numbers at the end of the show tonight...you were right!"

He continued: "There was an issue so everyone has to sing their save me song live tomorrow and America will vote on that performance. Mistakes happen. But now I have 24 hours to prepare my groups for tomorrow night. Let's hope they all deliver."

Simon noted that they'll definitely be feeling the crunch, as he tweeted: "Now they will understand what pressure means."

He added that these things can happen, so no finger pointing from Simon, as he wrote: "It's happened once before. It's live tv. You have to deal with it, tough for the contestants though. But you have to dig deep and deliver."

For some, he noted, this issue could help: "And for a couple of contestants they must be thanking their lucky stars they get to sing another song tomorrow."

Then he tweeted a bunch of pics of his adorable dogs...

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