Kristen Bell Pushes a Paparazzo at LAX

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LAX is certainly not a good place for paparazzi to be lately. Kanye West recently had an altercation with a paparazzo at the airport and now it's Kristen Bell, who is fighting back against the If you're a paparazzo, you might want to stay away from LAX.

Recently, Kanye West got into an altercation with a shutterbug at the airport and now it's new mom Kristen Bell who put up her dukes at the very same place.

As she was making her way through the terminal looking for her driver, a paparazzo got a little too close to Kristen and she pushed him with a pillow.

Pillow fight! OK, not really...

Kristen then asks them nicely to stop following her, but the photogs won't let up.

We have to admit, that would be pretty scary when you're alone at night and a bunch of strangers are following you and aggressively trying to take your photo.

Finally, a woman comes to Kristen's rescue and helps her find her ride--as the paps continue to follow and flash their cameras.

Do you think there should be laws against the paparazzi?

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