Justin Bieber's 'BELIEVE' Movie Poster Debut!

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Congratulations to all you Beliebers! You've put in your share of hard work to find all 12 missing pieces of Justin Bieber's 'BELIEVE' movie poster. If you haven't found all 12 yet, it's okay! Check out the full poster here!
We're so excited to share the full complete movie poster for Justin Bieber's BELIEVE!

Congratulations to all of you for finding all 12 pieces of the movie poster from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Beliebers are truly dedicated.

Now that the poster has had it's debut, how excited are you guys to see BELIEVE? You'll be able to watch Justin unfiltered and be brutally honest. The movie will reveal questions that you've all been asking about his passion for music, relationships and growing up in the spotlight. There will also be some never-before-seen concert footage and more!

Thank you all for participating in the AOL digital scavenger hunt for Justin's movie poster debut! The movie is set to release on Christmas Day, but tickets will be available starting as early as November 15.

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