Demi Lovato: "Lippy" but "Genuine," According to Simon Cowell

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Simon Cowell may think X Factor judge Demi Lovato is "lippy," but he's got nothing but love and respect for the singer. Read what Simon said about Demi in a recent interview. Pretty sweet. Simon Cowell talks Demi Lovato Latina magazine
While Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato may trade insults and fight like cats and dogs sometimes, the X Factor judge has nothing but love for Demi.

In a new interview with Latina, Simon shed some light on the magazine's cover girl, including his favorite thing about working with her.

Simon told Latina, "Demi brings a fresh perspective, she's obviously younger and she comes at this from an artist's perspective. That's why I wanted her on the panel."

He added, "She represents the younger fans and knows what kind of music they will buy. Plus, she is lippy--you can't shut her up!"

That lippy quality is also one of Simon's favorite things about her, as he explained, "She says what's on her mind. This girl does not sugarcoat it and I like that about her."

Ah, that's what we love about her too!

He also talked about Demi being "genuine," saying, "she's been through a lot and has been very honest about it all."

Simon shared that though they "have different views on the contestants," he appreciates her perspective.

And just because they don't get along all the time isn't something he shies away from, saying, "you don't always need to agree on everything. It would be boring if that were the case."

Demi is definitely makes the X Factor panel more interesting.

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