Sweet Suspense Reponds to Demi's "They're No Fifth Harmony" Comment

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We chatted with 'X Factor' contestants Sweet Suspense after their live performance about Demi Lovato's comment: "They're no Fifth Harmony." Find out what the girls think of that! Did you catch X Factor last night?

It was a blast from the past with '80s night on the X Factor stage! One of our favorite acts took on Toni Basil's "Hey Mickey," but not all of the judges loved it. Judge Kelly Rowland told Sweet Suspense they need to work on their rhythm more as a group and while their mentor Simon Cowell stuck up for them, the girls agreed with Kelly.

"We're a new group, we can't be perfect right away," Millie Thrasher told us. "Kelly has great advice because she was in Destiny's Child. She knows these things." Celine Polenghi reassured fans that their group dynamic is genuine, "This relationship isn't fake. Our chemistry is real. We do have fun on stage, but we do need to work on things as a group."

Demi Lovato wasn't too impressed with the girls' performance, saying that her favorite part was when the fire flames shot up. And when Simon defended his act, declaring it was their best performance yet, Demi added, "They're no Fifth Harmony."

Celine was in agreement. "It's obviously evident we're not Fifth Harmony. We are Sweet Suspense," she said. "There's already a Fifth Harmony out there, and they're ridiculously talented--we're not trying to be them. There's room for another girl group in the market."

We definitely agree with the girls on that one! Especially after hearing their vision for their music. "We like to consider ourselves mainly an R&B/pop group. Although we can add a little soulful stuff in there, a ballad, maybe a rock song," Celine told us. "We love to do this fun stuff, that's what we're trying to show America," added Millie. "We want to show people that 'Hey, we're lots of fun!' but we can also sing."

Don't forget to watch X Factor tonight at 8 to find out which two acts will be eliminated!

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