Kendall Jenner Gets Dissed by Her Dog (WATCH!)

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For those of you who haven't yet had your daily dose of cuteness, feast your eyes on this!

In this adorable Keek video, Kendall Jenner is trying to get her dog Gabbana to come to her...and the cute canine is having none of it.

She pleads with the adorable pup to get out of bed, but Gabbana gives her "the look."

Unfortunately for poor Gabbana, the human got the upper hand and Kendall dragged her out of bed, clearly against her will.

Any dog owner who has had to bust out the "dog drag" (i.e. at the groomer, the vet, etc.) can certainly appreciate that one!

The best part is that while Gabbana is obviously not thrilled about the whole thing, her tale is her tell and we can see that she wasn't too terribly upset about it, either.

Hopefully Kendall at least had a treat waiting on the other side of the room for her!

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