Kendall Jenner vs. Kim Kardashian in See-Through Shirts

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Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian both opted for see-through shirts this week, exposing more than just a little bit of cleavage. Kim wore the breast-baring outfit first when

We know Kim Kardashian has busted Kylie Jenner stealing clothes out of her closet, but it looks like now Kendall Jenner might be following suit.

This week both sisters opted for the same super sexy look, wearing see-through shirts with essentially nothing underneath.

It looks like Kim might have had a little something under there, but Kendall...definitely not! (See the uncensored photo here).

Kim opted for the breast-baring look in New York City at a photography exhibit for Mario Testino while Kendall's was for a photo shoot.

Obviously, both girls are gorgeous, but we can't help but wonder who wore the sexy see-through shirt better.

Weigh in below.

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