Tyra Banks Moves In on 'Glee' as Model Agency Owner "Bichette"

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Tyra Banks guest stars on 'Glee' this week as the fierce owner of a modeling agency in NYC, while the rest of the Gleeks back in Lima pay homage to "Piano Man" Billy Joel. Tyra Banks is coming to Glee tonight, and she is playing a character who is anything but happy and inspiring. Check out the video above.

Tyra makes her debut this week in "Movin' Out" as Bichette, an owner of a modeling agency. When Sam (Chord Overstreet) tanks at his college interview, he feels like his 'life after Lima' plans are not going great. So he decides to meet with Bichette in NYC about becoming a model, but she does not have encouraging words about his dreams.

Can you say America's Next Top Model?

But Tyra is quick to point out that her fierce Glee character is nothing like her, and Bichette says things that Tyra would never tell an aspiring model.

Blaine (Darren Chris) is also in NYC to look at potential colleges. Kurt (Chris Colfer) hopes that Blaine will join him at NYADA, but Blaine just might have other plans.

Back in Lima, Sue (Jane Lynch) and Will ( Matthew Morrison) are at it yet again and this time it's over the school's career fair. Sue is not allowing any 'arts related' career booths. So, feeling the stress of his seniors who are trying to make plans for life beyond the halls of McKinley as graduation approaches, Will decides to have New Directions learn about the power of perseverance by paying tribute to resilient "Piano Man" Billy Joel.

And Jake (Jacob Artist) regrets his decision to end things with Marley (Melissa Benoist) after she agrees to date another guy. You go, girl!

Let us know what you think if tonight's episode.

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