Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' 2013 AMAs Featured a Singing Cat? Watch!

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Watch Miley Cyrus and a cat sing "Wrecking Ball" at the 2013 American Music Awards. What did you think of Miley's AMAs performance, featuring a lip syncing cat? Watch the video. Miley Cyrus AMAs 2013 Wrecking Ball cat video
Miley Cyrus closed out the 2013 AMAs with a performance of "Wrecking Ball"--that included a cat!

The internet loves cats, after all.

Miley opted to ditch the backup dancers, twerking and foam finger, replacing them instead with a lip syncing cat that appeared on the screen behind her.

She wore a two-piece kitty cat costume and some huge clear plastic jewelry, while delivering an emotional performance of "Wrecking Ball."

All the while, the cat behind her mouthed the words and even shed some tears as some other random outer space effects appeared behind Miley.

At the end, the cat even struck a Miley pose, sticking out her tongue!

We're not entirely sure what the cat bit was about and the whole thing was a little distracting from Miley's excellent vocal talents.

What did you think of Miley's American Music Awards performance?

Cute...creepy...or did you need to be stoned to appreciate it?

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball by caseycarlsonx1

Miley Cyrus' Cat Inspired

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