Glee-Cap: Couples Alert! Is Rachel Falling for Sam?

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GLEE: Rachel (Lea Michele, R) helps Sam (Chord Overstreet, L) with a photo shoot in the Is Rachel falling for Sam? Does Sam want to be a male model? Has Marley moved on from Jake with Ryder? Le'ts recap what happened this week on Glee's "Movin Out" episode.
Is Rachel (Lea Michele) developing feelings for Sam (Chord Overstreet)? Has Marley (Melissa Benoist) moved on from Jake (Jacob Artist) with Ryder (Blake Jenner)? Okay, okay, let's back up and explain what happened this week on Glee's "Movin Out" episode.

So, Jake broke Marley's heart last week when she discovered he had cheated on her with Brie. This week Jake wants her back, but that's not happening. He fills her locker with roses and even chases her down the hall as he apologizes to regain her trust, but she tells him, "You are who you are." Realizing that's true, and after facing Ryder who is angry at him for what he did to Marley, Jake breaks out in song. He sings Billy Joel's "My Life" to the rest of his fellow gleeks.

Feeling hurt, Marley has a heart-to-heart with her mom. She reminds Marley that it's important to find someone who she not only cares about, but who she can also trust.

Ryder decides to make his move for Marley. He comes straight out and says, "Go out with me." A shocked Marley, says "No," But Ryder is not giving up that fast. He argues for why he is worthy of her attention and affection. He breaks into song, singing "An Innocent Man" to his fellow Gleeks. He ends the song with, "Marley will you go out with me?" She answers, "Yes!" as Jake looks on in anger.

After their date, Ryder shows Marley a picture he posted of them on Instagram, and Jake buts into their conversation by asking, "So you are really a thing?" He quickly starts to hit on another girl to upset Marley. In response, Marley pulls back and reminds Ryder that she needs time.

Meanwhile in NYC, Sam and Blaine (Darren Criss) have come to check out colleges. But Sam massively fails his college interview. He shares with Rachel that things didn't go so well, so she tries to cheer him up. Sam explains that he dreams of being a male model. Happily Rachel supports him and organizes a photo shoot to get him started. During the shoot, the photographer needs to see some abs and has Sam start undressing. While Rachel puts oil on his chest to make him look good, the two share a very special glance. Can you say new couple alert?

The two share another "special" glance later on in the show while all the kids are singing, "Just the Way You Are" and this time it doesn't go unnoticed. Santana (Naya Rivera) sees what is happening and looks at Kurt shocked.

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