What Did Kendall Jenner's Big Brother Brody Think of Her Nipple Baring Photo?

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Kendall Jenner's older brother Brody speaks out about the 18-year-old's controversial nipple-baring photo shoot, saying, "She's a woman; she's beautiful" and that he'll protect her InstagramKendall Jenner has another family member coming to her defense after she flashed her nipples in a see-through top during a photo shoot.

Her older brother Brody says that she's old enough to make her own decisions.

"Kendall is a model and at the end of the day she's an 18-year-old," he told Life & Style magazine. "I'm her brother. I'll protect her, but she's a woman and she's allowed to do what she wants. We will always support her no matter what."

Just like her sister Khloe said, Brody pointed out that other professional models often do topless shoots.

"She's beautiful, look at her," he continued. "You don't hear people say that to Kate Moss when she does that. Just because Kendall's in the spotlight, people like to scrutinize and say things."

Do you agree with Brody that people were too critical of Kendall's photo?
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