Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles: Louis Annoyed by Larry Stylinson Rumors

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Louis Tomlinson is sounding off about the Harry Styles gay dating rumors (Larry Stylinson)--and he's not happy. See what Louis said about the Larry theory during a recent interview. Louis Tomlinson Harry Styles gay dating Larry Stylinson rumors annoying
So, how do Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles really feel about those Larry Stylinson gay bromance rumors?

Louis, for one, is not amused.

When asked about the Larry rumors recently, he told news.com.au: "That's a f***ing annoyance."

He was also asked if he thought the effort that Directioners put into the whole Larry shipping (erotic fan fiction, Photoshopped images) was at least impressive.

"I wouldn't say it was impressive," Louis said, adding, "I'd say it was f***ing annoying."

Harry was sick when the interview took place, so the interviewer couldn't get his side of the story, but it's likely he would laugh it off (check out his response in this recent interview).

It's kind of a bummer that the Larry shippers make such a big deal of it--what about Eleanor!

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