Sneak 'Glee'-view: Puppet Week! Plus, the Secret Behind Sue's Tracksuits

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GLEE: L-R: Check out a very special and weird 'Glee' episode called "Puppet Master" on Thanksgiving. This week, all of your favorite gleeks are puppets! Oh, and the origins of Sue's tracksuit-wearing ways are revealed. Lady Gaga may be spending Thanksgiving with The Muppets, but Glee is being taken over by the puppets.

This week's "Puppet Master" episode of Glee maybe one of the funniest to date. Check out the clip above of Kurt's and Blaine's puppets talking about having to work with their human counterparts.

The Glee creators are mum on the exact storyline of how the puppets come about, but it might have something to do with a gas leak at McKinley High, which causes some of the Gleeks to see the world from a whimsical perspective.

Also, in the episode Blaine (Darren Criss) is accused of being a control freak when he tries to come up with plans for Nationals for the Gleeks. Meanwhile in New York, Kurt (Chris Colfer) is considered bossy as well when he schedules his group, "Pamela Lansbury," for their first official gig. Sadly, not everyone shares his vision, and things do not go as planned.

Finally, the question of the Glee decade is answered! When and why did Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) start wearing those tracksuits? Tuning in is a Thanksgiving Day must this week.

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