Miley Cyrus Leads 'Time' 2013 Person of The Year Poll But Is It Rigged?

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Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus has officially twerked her way to the top! Thanks to her fans and voters, she's SUPER close to snagging Time magazine's 'Person of The Year' title!

So far the "Wrecking Ball" singer is leading the magazine's online poll that helps aid the mag's editor-in-chief in picking the year's winner. Miley's currently beating out several politicians, world leaders and Angelina Jolie! But of course, you know there's got to be scandal involved! The twerk queen is supposedly winning the poll because the voting is rigged.

A pair of programmers claim they've found a way to cast multiple votes for Miley, totally screwing up the whole voting system! A spokesperson for Time told Mashable they are "aware of the efforts to affect the results of the Person of the Year poll, and have measures in place so that only legitimate votes are being incorporated in the final tally [Dec. 6]...We're delighted that so many people are having fun with this informal poll and contributing to the conversation [about who should win]."

Miley didn't act like the whole thing was rigged though. She was quick to tweet about the title and urged fans to vote for her.

The poll results will be officially released on December 6 and Time will announce their editor-chosen 'Person of the Year' on December 11. While the poll does shed some light on who the winner could be, the sole decision is in the hands of the editor!

Does Miley deserve the 2013 'Person of the Year' title?

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