Did Demi Diss 'The Voice'? "I Have No Idea of Any Winner From 'The Voice'"

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We get that Demi Lovato is backing 'X Factor' all the way, but do you think her comment about 'The Voice' was uncalled for? Is there some show rivalry going on here?

After the elimination show of X Factor two weeks ago, the judges were asked about the show itself and their thoughts on One Direction performing on the X Factor. While Demi was being honest, she also slipped in a comment about one of their competitors, The Voice.

"I think it's a great reminder to not just the contestants," Demi said about 1D performing, "but the rest of the world that specifically with this show--yes the others are doing well--but specifically with this show we've had so much success with mainstream artists."

Demi proves that she truly believes in what the X Factor is all about. "Fifth Harmony is taking off, Little Mix is huge and successful as well as One Direction," she told us. "It just goes to show that what our show is about is 'the X factor' and that we have so much talent and they're the ones you remember, their names."

And then she threw this out there: "To be honest, I can't really tell you--I have no idea of any winner from The Voice."

We get it, she backs the X Factor one-hundred percent. But do you think her last comment was necessary?

Demi Lovato Talks One Direction and 'X Factor'

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