Kelly Clarkson's Husband Fires Back at Infidelity Accusation

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The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And AudienceKelly Clarkson should be enjoying life as a newlywed and mother-to-be right now.

The 31-year-old singer married Brandon Blackstock in October and recently announced that they were expecting their first child together (Brandon has two kids of his own).

Unfortunately, however, they are now having to deal with rumors that Brandon cheated.

In a letter to The Dirty, a woman who says she would like to stay anonymous states:

"Brandon has been cheating on Kelly (with me) for the past 5 months. We met at a golf club in TN and have exchanged multiple texts and hung out a few times over the last little while...We haven't slept together but we've been intimate in other ways. I really hope his wife keeps her eye on him because he's not the great man that she thinks he is."

The newlywed is firing back against the allegation, telling RadarOnline that it is "ridiculous."

In his defense, even Brandon's ex spoke out on his behalf, telling the site, "This is ridiculous ... this silliness...I have my two children [by Brandon] right here, who I love."

As for Kelly, she hasn't said addressed the situation yet, but poor thing has been so sick from her pregnancy, this is the last thing she needs right now!

Do you think Brandon is a cheater?

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