Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley: Heading to Court Over Duet Song Issue

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It looks like Carrie Underwood and her buddy Brad Paisley are headed to court!

Songwriter Amy Bowen recently filed a lawsuit alleging that the songwriters behind Brad and Carrie's hit duet "Remind Me" stole the song's idea and sound from her and now things are getting super interesting.

On Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that the song's case will move forward, which means Carrie and Brad could have to dish out millions!

Amy filed the lawsuit against Sony Music and others back in May, asking for $10 million. She claims that she wrote a song called "Remind Me" in 2007 and copyrighted it in 2008. She reportedly sang the song for several music execs during a songwriting workshop in Nashville and that's where she claims her idea was stolen. She performed the song in front of Kelley Lovelace and Chris DuBois, two of the people who were later responsible for penning Brad and Carrie's tune.

Amy says she participated in a 14-week country music songwriting workshop in early 2008, during which Kelley was a featured advisor. He critiqued her song extensively and said the track would work well as a duet. Chris was also an advisor.

In late 2010 or early 2011, Kelley, Chris and Brad wrote their "Remind Me" song and then Brad released it as the third single from This is Country Music in May, 2011. Coincidence much?

The songs don't have the exact same lyrics, but both use the words "Remind me" followed by "Baby, remind me" multiple times in the chorus.

The key points in Judge Trauger's ruling state that the lyrics in the popular song aren't as important as how they're performed. With the exception of the words "remind me" and "baby, remind me," the lyrics of the songs are definitely different. Amy argues that the defendants appropriated not only the words "Remind me" and "Baby, remind me," but also sang it in the way she sang it and meant for it to be sung.

This doesn't mean the songwriters or Brad and Carrie stole from Amy. It just means that the judge would like to look more into the case and that it's going to move forward. It's not clear what the timeline for that next step is though.

Keep checking back, as we're as anxious as you are to find out.

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