Harry Styles: Why Harry is the Perfect Boyfriend

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Find out why Harry Styles makes a perfect boyfriend, according to One Direction: This Is Us director Morgan Spurlock. Great hair, intelligence, confidence and more! %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-60%

What makes the girls crazy about Harry Styles?

We're pretty sure we've got that figured out...duh...but it's nice to get an insider's perspective.

This Is Us director Morgan Spurlock recently dished on what makes Harry so damn irresistible--after all, he spent plenty of time with the One Direction guys during filming.

Morgan told OK! magazine, "I think he's a genuine, open person."

He added, "He'd make a great boyfriend. Yeah. He's a great son. How they treat their mom is always a good sign of how they'll treat their girlfriend. Look at that hair. Ladies love the hair. It's the flowing locks, and his dimples. He's got good dimples."


Morgan also pointed out Harry's intelligence (because he's the total package), saying, "That guy is smarter than the average bear, but people don't realize it. He's incredibly young and very wise for his age. He's a good egg. He has great parents. He has a great mom. He's really grounded. All the boys are. It's a testament to how they grew up and who their families were."

And then there's the cupcake confidence, which is oh-so-appealing.

The director shared, "He's not afraid to put himself out there. He's confident, and people respond to that. Confidence is very attractive. When you're someone like that, and you're very sure of yourself, you're also not afraid of going out with somebody who's equally as famous, or as popular."

What's your favorite Harry quality?

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