Joe Jonas: "I Want to Have My Own Identity"

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Joe Jonas says he doesn't want to be compared to Justin Timberlake and wants his own identity. Plus, find out what Joe told Nylon Guys magazine about his childhood. Joe Jonas Nylon magazine interview
Joe Jonas totally dissed Disney and name-dropped some pals in his recent tell-all essay, but in his new interview with NYLON Guys magazine, he has a little complaining left to do.

In addition to noting that he rocked the Harry Potter look and bowl cut before Potter ever rose to fame, Joe also has a few beefs.

He makes it very clear that he wants to have his own identity--when asked about the comparisons of him to Jusin Timberlake, he explained, "I've heard it before, when I did my solo project. People would be like, 'I hear the Justin influence.' I'd say 'No! Don't say that!'"

That doesn't mean Joe is throwing shade JT's way, as he clarified, "He's somebody that I respect, but I want to have my own identity."

As for missing out on childhood experiences while he was busy building the Jonas Brothers brand, he explained, "Yeah, there are certain things I wish I could've experienced, but it's all so little compared to what I did."

He added, "That's why a lot of my friends are 10 years older than me. They've experienced life, and they're at the same place I'm at now, career wise."

Joe Jonas Shows A Tamer Side In NYLON Guys Talking Bowl Cuts, Fan Encounters, & New Music!

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