One Direction Guys Give Each Other Dating Advice, Share Girl Problems

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Check out what Harry Styles says about giving the other One Direction guys dating advice. Seems they all share their girl problems with each other. Those must be some good talks. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-100693%

Do the One Direction guys share their deepest, darkest secrets with each other?

We'd like to imagine, with all the time they spend together, they have some epic chats about all of the highs and lows in life.

One thing is for sure, they talk about girls.

Harry Styles revealed in a recent interview that the 1D guys have been known to sit around and hash out women issues.

He told Top of the Pops magazine (via Yahoo OMG!), "Yes! You know we travel all the time together, so if someone's having problems with a girl, they'll come into the car and tell everyone what's going on. "

He added, "Then we all kind of give our advice to them and talk about it."

We only wish we could sit in on that convo!

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