Demi Lovato on Anxiety Issues: "I Just Shut Down"

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Demi Lovato talks about the anxiety she experiences when fans invade her personal space. Demi's always honest with her Lovatics, but sometimes boundaries are a good idea. Demi Lovato anxiety issues
Demi Lovato loves her fans--you can't deny that.

But she also has a pretty big level of anxiety when it comes to Lovatics getting a little too up close and personal.

The singer is honest and open with her fans (check out this interview where Demi reveals her shocking cocaine and alcohol addictions), and that definitely makes her approachable...but she reveals the attention doesn't always make her feel comfortable.

In the new issue of Nylon magazine, Demi admits, "I don't like award shows. Sometimes, a fan will come up and automatically put their arms around me and I just shut down and start hyperventilating."

She added, "I don't want to sound like a d**k or a diva, but I really do have anxiety problems. If I get stuck in a crowd, I'll start to think, 'Oh my God, I'm going to die. Something's going to go wrong and someone's going to stab me.'"

Demi also explained, "There was a time when people started trying to kiss me, or creeps would buy backstage passes and reach for my face and try to make out with me."

Time to talk about boundaries, folks.

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