Justin Bieber to Replace Paul Walker in 'Fast and Furious 7' Film?

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Justin BieberWill Justin Bieber be Paul Walker's replacement in the upcoming Fast and Furious 7 film?

New reports claim that the Biebs could play Paul's part in the film if the casting decision is up to Ludacris, who also stars in the flick.

According to Carbuzz.com, Ludacris has expressed the wish to cast the "Confident" singer in Fast And Furious 7.

While it's way too soon to even talk about replacing Paul on set, we could see how casting Bieber could work. He's cute, charming and talented like Paul. Plus, he would totally pull in the lady fans like Paul did. Oh and he can act too.

The ones who aren't feeling the idea are the movie's fans. Many think Justin's bad boy, rapper-like image doesn't fit the role of a car junkie. And we all know Justin isn't the best car driver these days. The guy gets ticketed and pulled over all the time!

Paul played the lead role in the entire Fast and Furious franchise. Since his death a few weeks ago, many are left wondering what will happen to his character in the movie. Meanwhile, Paul's family is still mourning his sudden death and Universal Studios has halted the filming of Fast and Furious 7.

The production house told US Weekly, "All of us at Universal are dedicated to providing support to Paul's immediate family and our extended Fast & Furious family of cast, crew, and filmmakers. At this time we feel it is our responsibility to shut down production on Fast & Furious 7 for a period of time so we can assess all options available to move forward with the franchise."

Do you think Bieber would be a good replacement for Paul Walker in the Fast and Furious films?

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