Lea Michele Found Strength in Music to Get Through "Worst Year"

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Lea Michele talks about how she's dealt with "the worst year" of her life, including help from a famous friend--Stevie Nicks. Lea has also found strength in music, completing her debut album this year. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-2986%

There's no denying that Lea Michele has gotten through a very tough time and really shown just how strong of a woman she is.

She gets by with a little help from her friends--including the legendary Stevie Nicks.

That's some great company to keep.

In a new interview with MTV News, Lea shared that after boyfriend Cory Monteith died, Stevie reached out to the Glee star.

She explained, "I had so many amazing people reach out to me, there for me through all of this. And I had the pleasure of having Miss Stevie Nicks call me when Cory passed away and she was so wonderful."

Lea added, "She sent me the most beautiful letter, as well a necklace that was hers and a book, a beautiful book of pictures."

Lea explained, "She's so insightful, she's so incredible," adding that in the letter, Stevie said the Glee star would "find strength through my music."

She said it was "hard to grasp on to the fact that anything could help [me cope with Monteith's death]," but ultimately, Lea found her strength working on her new album Louder, explaining, "[Music] is and it has and it will continue to be my source of strength in all of this."

Lea also talked about initially making an album that was "something fun" for her fans, as she noted, "At the time, when I started making the record, I was in a wonderful place in my life. I had been living in L.A. for a while, Glee was great and I had a wonderful boyfriend."

The focus changed, as she worked on more personal songs, including the song "If You Say So," which she said, "as hard as it is, I have that song and it means so much to me."

Through the tough times, Lea continues to find strength, as she told MTV, "It has been, by far, in all honesty, the worst year of my life and I'm thankful that this [song 'Cannonball'] is out now to create some light and positivity and joy at the end of the year."

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