Demi Lovato Talks Cutting, Rehab in Access Hollywood Interview

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In the second part of Demi Lovato's Access Hollywood interview, she opens up about cutting and her time in rehab. See what Demi said following her shocking cocaine and alcohol addiction confession. Demi Lovato Access Hollywood CuttingDemi Lovato's confession about her addiction to cocaine and alcohol came as a huge shock to many, but now, in the second part of her Access Hollywood interview, she talks about cutting.

On the topic of cutting, Demi said, "For some reason it's more taboo to talk about than drugs and alcohol."

She explained, however, that "just because you're cutting doesn't mean you're suicidal and that's something that's really, really prominent in young girls today."

Why did Demi cut herself? She explained that she started at age 11 or 12, sharing, "Sometimes when you are feeling so numb, just by being just want to feel on the outside."

As for Demi finally getting clean and sober in rehab--the threat of not seeing her sister, Madison, pushed her to take action.

She explained, "The last time that I had an intervention, it was my management, my entire team, manager, lawyers, everyone and my parents coming into a room saying if you don't get sober--my mom specifically said, 'You know, we're going to move back to Texas and you're not going to be able to be around you're little sister.'"

Her mom explained, "I couldn't allow her, at that point, to be around her little sister because of the things that we found out, that really were going on."

She continued, "I had to set an example for Madison...I had to protect her and [Demi] knew that. So when I said, 'I'm moving back to Texas,' she knew that I finally meant it that time, and that's when we all sat down with her and said, 'This is it, you have to make a change or we're all going our separate ways...that's when the big turnaround happened."

Demi noted that her time in rehab opened her eyes about things that happened to her, which she touched on very briefly--for now--saying, "A lot of things happened to me with bullying and just other things that I will touch on later in life when I feel ready to talk about it."

She continued, "Things that happened that I realized weren't OK and things that I blocked out of my memory or just didn't think they were as severe as they were."

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