Ian Somerhalder Freaks Out Gas Station Bystanders

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Ian Somerhalder freaked a few innocent bystanders out at a gas station with his faux blood-splattered face. Find out what the Vampire Diaries star was up to! Yikes!

Ian Somerhalder freaked out a few innocent bystanders at a gas station when he showed up with his face splattered with fake blood.

"Scared a bunch of people accidentally at a gas station today," Ian wrote on Instagram Tuesday, along with a photo of the blood on his face. "Damon was a little bloody."

The handsome 35-year-old thesp is in the midst of shooting the fifth season of Vampire Diaries, which he co-stars in with his ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev.

Ian also recently posed for Annex Man magazine, telling the mag what he enjoys doing when he's not working.

"[I like to be] immersed in the worn pages of philosophy or a great work of fiction, taking in the hum of crickets and wilderness, and surrounded by the people I love," Ian said.

"Simple joys in this life we tend to forget are even there," he continued. "Taking a minute to leave the office or the studio for a stroll on a brisk fall day or a warm summer one really can work wonders. I find myself, just like the rest of us, trying to find that healthy balance. I'm no busier than anyone else."

"The 21st century is going to be an interesting time for humanity. My hope is that while taking that stroll, having a conversation with a friend at a coffee shop gazing out the window we realize one thing: We need nature–whether it's for those worn book pages or those leaves blowing in the clean air we breathe."

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