Justin Bieber's Photo Named Instagram's Most Liked Picture of 2013

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Justin Bieber and Will SmithWhat does it take to have the most popular photo on Instagram? Um, you have to be Justin Bieber!

Bieber beat other famous Instagram users such as Joe Jonas, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift to take the top spot with some 1.5 million likes for his picture with "uncle Will." Yep, Justin's picture with actor Will Smith was the most popular on Instagram this year.

Justin posted the pic in August and it shows Bieber and Will posing outside a house, with Will making a sideways peace sign. Soon after the pic was posted, Justin revealed that he talks to Will on the phone, as a mentor, at least once a week.

We don't really understand why this picture was so popular this year though...other than the fact that JB and Big Will are both...awesome!

Why do you think this picture was the most popular on Instagram this year? Does another one deserve the title? (Like Kim Kardashian's post-baby booty bathing suit pic or Ed Sheeran's Turkey Day photo with Jennifer Aniston?) Let us know!

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