Gabrielle Douglas Gives Blind Teen Gymnast Surprise of a Lifetime

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Gabrielle Douglas spread some holiday cheer when she surprised a blind teen gymnast on an episode of The Doctors. Get the details on the touching moment! Talk about spreading holiday cheer.

Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas made a teen gymnast's day very special when she showed up on The Doctors in a segment set to air Monday.

The gymnast--14-year-old Lola Walters--has been legally blind since infancy, but has been competing with full-sighting kids since she started pursuing the sport at the age of three.

Lola suffers from Achiasma, which causes the signals from her brain to her eyes to not communicate properly. This, in turn, causes a lack of depth perception and issues with double vision.

The athlete has suffered broken wrists, sprained ankles and a concussion from participating in gymnastics because of her condition, but she has continued to compete nevertheless.

"I see the bar but I can't tell how far away it is sometimes. That's where relying on feel comes in a lot," Lola said on the show. "I've basically memorized how far I have to jump so I don't have to rely on my eyes to see where it is."

Gabby has been Lola's idol for quite some time, but when the Olympian met Lola, she was awestruck by the 14-year-old's strength.

"This is such an amazing moment for me," said the gold medalist. "I am star struck, Lola. You are truly incredible. This shows what a mind can do. If you love something and have a passion for something, you won't let anything stop you."

Watch today's episode of The Doctors to see Gabby put her Olympic gold medal around Lola's neck.
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