Blake Lively Repins Photos of Ryan Reynolds on Pinterest

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When it comes to Pinterest, Blake Lively can't get enough of repinning photos of her handsome husband Ryan Reynolds. Check out what the Gossip Girl star had to say about that, plus details on her upcoming website! When it comes to pinning pictures on Pinterest, there's one thing Blake Lively loves to repin the most...

Her husband Ryan Reynolds.

"Pinterest I'm obsessed with," the former Gossip Girl star told New York Magazine, "I have a Pinterest account. I don't have any friends on it. It's not under my name. It's not like, top secret. It's just a way that I can store the boards. But it's weird. If I'm looking at hair things, I see, oh, that's me! That's so weird! But I do re-pin pictures of Ryan."

While dishing to the mag, the actress also talked about her own upcoming website, saying it's "not necessarily a lifestyle" site and that there will absolutely be food involved in it when it launches.

"I don't know if it's a lifestyle site," she said of her project. "I was very vague about it. And because of that, everyone was filling in the blanks about what other sites it could be like. It's not accurate. I'm creating a brand that I felt the need for. I was on my show [Gossip Girl] for so long that I really wanted to break from acting, because it lost its excitement for me in a way, because it was such a job."

"I never lost my appreciation for [acting], though," she continued. "I just felt like I didn't have as much to offer because I got used to it. I wanted to explore other passions. At first, I didn't know what I wanted to do. The company came from something separate when I had that free time. It's a space I wanted that I couldn't find anywhere else. I'm still being very vague, intentionally. But I'm really, really excited. By the time it launches, we will have developed it for two years. So it's a lot of time, energy, efforts, resources, working with amazing people."

Blake said the site will launch sometime next year.

We can't wait to see it!

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