Ian Somerhalder Wants to Direct, Hangs Out With Woody Harrelson

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Ian Somerhalder doesn't just want to save the world off screen, he also wants to direct. Find out what the Vampire Diaries star had to say about working behind the scenes.
Ian Somerhalder isn't just interested in saving the world off screen...he also wants to direct.

"Woody Harrelson, his mentor Tom Evans and Me in Georgia. Watching a mentor and a student relive a lifetime of experience together creating art. Amazing... Reminds me of how I can't wait to direct," Ian posted on Instagram Wednesday, along with a photo of himself, Woody and Tom.

"Tom Evans here wrote this book on Directing, amazing. "111 Directions for Directors"- I've learned so much tonight. Reminds me of how grateful I am for my mentor-they are important.

The Vampire Diaries star took that shot and other of the group in Atlanta, where the hit CW show is in production on its fifth season.

"Talking Step Forward Paper, a non-wood paper-and the paper revolution [with Woody and Tom]. Sustainably is topic of this conversation! Dig these men-true game changers," he wrote in another post.

Ian has been more than vocal about lending his support in the fight to improve the environment and champion animal rights issues.

In addition to founding his own Ian Somerhalder Foundation, which aims to "empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures, Ian also was dubbed one of Conde Nast Traveler's Visionaries of 2013 for inspiring a new generation of conservationists.

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