Demi Lovato Drops F-bomb During X Factor Drinking Joke

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Well, that was awkward.

Demi Lovato appeared to drop an f-bomb during a jokey segment of X Factor that poked fun at what Demi was drinking during the season.

While the joke tanked, it also seemed to piss Demi off...understandably.

The insensitive gag made a joke of Demi drinking--totally not cool given Demi's time in rehab for, among other things, alcohol addiction.

The X Factor bit joked that Demi was drinking "Annoying Juice," and that's what powers her ability to bug Simon Cowell.

Demi was seen reacting during the segment, looking shocked and annoyed, even saying "That was f**ked up" at one point.

After the bit, Mario Lopez got her reaction and she handled it like a pro, saying (with a forced smile), "I think it's very, very clear since I don't drink anymore, 'Annoying Juice' has become my new drink and I love it because I get to annoy Simon with it."

According to a source in the audience, after Mario read the intro and the joke video started, Demi reportedly put her hands up to say "WTF" to Mario. He was seen shrugging and pointing to the prompter he had to read from.

Do you think the segment was in poor taste and insensitive, given Demi's history?

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