5 Things to Know About Jake Miller

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We chatted with 20-year-old Jake Miller to hear about his debut album "Us Against Them" and also found out 5 cool things about him you should know! Have you heard of Jake Miller?

If not, you're about to hear a lot about him in 2014! We got a call from the 20-year-old hip-hop/pop artist to talk about his debut album and also discovered 5 cool things you should know about the Florida native.

5: He released his debut album Us Against Them in November. "It's pretty much my proudest work to date," Jake said. "I feel like there's something on it for everybody whether it's EDM, acoustic, hip-hop or pop. It's a very positive uplifting clean vibe that everyone can relate to."

4: Jake doesn't just write his own music, he's also very hands-on with the whole business. "I have a helping hand in every aspect of everything, from the production of the music, the lyrics, music videos, graphics. I like to be involved with all that stuff creatively."

3: His first single "Collide" happens to be one of his favorites. "It's the first song that I've ever tried to experience with EDM and it's the first song I recorded off the album actually. It's one of my favorite songs that I've written and definitely one of my favorite to perform."

2: Jake's fans are a huge part of his journey. "My fans inspire me to write," he said. His songs "Like Me," "A Million Lives," and "Steven" were "Inspired by my fans and the stories of my fans on how my music has helped them."

1: He has so much ambition, it's not surprising that Jake's musical idol is JT! "I really want to model my career after Justin Timberlake. He's been in the industry for so long! He's a triple threat--with the music industry, he acts and he dances. I kind of want to do that as I continue to branch off."

Check back soon for our interview with Jake about wanting to collab with Justin Bieber!

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