Justin Bieber and Drake Show Up to Kanye West's Toronto Concert

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A serious ice storm shut down public transit and cut off power to hundreds of thousands of Toronto residents but it wasn't enough to keep Kanye West...or his famous BFFs away!

Despite mother nature, the rapper didn't cancel his show Sunday night and performed in Toronto for tons of fans...and he wasn't the only celebrity there either.

Yeezy was reportedly accompanied by Canadian boys Drake and Justin Bieber. They didn't join him on stage though. Bummer!

Following the show, Kanye and Drake reportedly got their party on at a big bash at The Hoxton nightclub downtown. Both of them hit the stage there and performed their hits. Kanye sang "Blood on the Leaves" and Drake did "Worst Behavior". Then the guys collaborated on "Headlines" too. There's no talk on where Justin was that night. Maybe he decided he's partied enough in 2013 and went with his family instead. Oh and Kanye's baby mama Kim Kardashian was not at the show...or the after party!

Do you think it's cool Drake and Bieber stopped by to support Kanye?

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