Demi Lovato Talks New Year's Eve: What's Demi's Resolution?

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Demi Lovato recently talked about her New Year's Eve plans, which don't involve drinking. Plus, Demi's thoughts on New Year's resolutions! %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-103816%

Demi Lovato has big New Year's Eve plans--but they don't involve ringing in 2014 with a drink.

Demi will be performing at ET Canada's 2013 New Year's Eve at Niagara Falls and explained how her view on celebrating a new year has changed.

She explained to ET Canada, "New Year's Eve is a night where so many people go out and just get hammered and wasted. Now I don't do that sorta thing. Like literally, I can't."

Demi added, "Now I want to look forward to life and what the next year has to offer rather than forgetting the very last part of my year that I had the night before."

As for a New Year's resolution, Demi has a fantastic outlook on the idea of goal-setting at the start of the new year...basically, why not set goals daily?

She explained, "I don't believe in New Year's resolutions because I believe that every day you can have a resolution to start the next day off with."

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