Niall Horan Getting Tattoo Soon? Mom Says He's "Too Afraid"

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Is Niall Horan planning to get a tattoo, like his One Direction bandmates? His mom says Niall's "too afraid of the pain" to get inked. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-158242%

Will Niall Horan ever get a tattoo, like his One Direction bandmates?

Niall may be the lone holdout on this one, as his mom revealed a bit of a dirty secret about Nialler...he's too afraid to get inked!

His mom reportedly told Star magazine, "He has no interest in tattoos. He'd be too afraid of the pain!"

Earlier this year, Niall shared an Instagram pic of what looked like a tattoo of a fern on his wrist--but it was just a fake!

Do you think Niall should take the plunge and get a tattoo? Or do you think he'll stay ink free?

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