Ariana Grande Twitter Rant: "We Think We Know Each Other But We Don't"

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Ariana Grande went on a lengthy Twitter rant, talking about how people perceive her based on her tweets, interviews, and role on TV. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-158871%

Ariana Grande recently went on a Twitter rant about how fans perceive celebs--how they think they know them, but really don't.


We'll let Ari explain, but the short story is that it's hard to really know a celeb from an acting role they play or a snippet of what they say in an interview or a brief tweet.

Ariana explained, "it's bizarre how we think we know each other based upon what we post online. I just read my tweets pretending I didn't know me & got annoyed"

She added, "we post & think it's a good representation of who we are but there's so much more to us. we think we know each other but we don't it's weird"

Ariana said that she and a friend talked about "how people perceive us & how different actually we are & we perceive ourselves"

She continued, "for example some people think I'm like Cat & they're shocked when they meet me & I'm actually not demented & my voice isn't strange and high"

Turns out, Ariana isn't as sweet as she appears, as she tweeted: "or like some people think that I'm like a 12 year old girl but I'm actually just an 80 year old lady with the mouth of a sailor"

Potty mouth?

Ariana also joked that she might "wake up & be like wtf did I tweet last night ew."

She even admitted that interviews can be deceiving, as she explained, "I read interviews from like Sept & I'm like 'I said that? that's not me'"

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