Harry Styles: Why His Wide Brim Hat Was Slammed by Fans

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Fans weren't happy with Harry Styles' wide brim hat, and not just for fashion reasons. Harry's rep is shooting down rumors that it's a rabbit fur hat. Harry Styles wide brim hat slammed rabbit fur
Now that we've had a little time to think about it: what did you make of Harry Styles' ridiculously huge brim hat he was sporting during his ski vacay?

It seems that, style issues aside, some fans weren't feeling Harry's choice of hat for a couple of reasons.

First, the price tag. Super sleuth Directioners found Harry's hat and it had a whopper of a price tag: $1,000!

Second, the $1,000 Saint Laurent hat that was tracked down, was made of rabbit fur.

One fan said on Twitter: "I can't believe he bought a hat made out of RABBIT. Harry Styles is a f**king savage. Fame changed him."


His rep was quick to shoot down the "savage" claims, explaining: "The hat is not from Saint Laurent and it's not rabbit fur. He got it from a hat shop in LA."

So...now that we've got that sorted out, do you like the hat any better?

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