Jesse McCartney Calls This Song His Biggest Achievement

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Jesse McCartney is an amazing actor and singer, but we especially love him for his strong songwriting skills. Can you guess which song that he penned is one of his favorite moments in his musical career? Jesse McCartney is an amazing actor and singer, but he's pretty proud of his lesser-known songwriting skills.

Many people instantly recognize Jesse from shows like Summerland and Greek, but he has also written some amazing songs. Like the Grammy-nominated song he co-wrote with Ryan Tedder, sung by Leona Lewis, "Bleeding Love."

"It's definitely my biggest achievement as a writer," Jesse told us. "Also in terms of credibility, I think it really was a chapter in my book that allowed everyone to see that there is a little bit of depth to what I do." It definitely proved he can create more than fun pop music. "I can actually say something and mean something to a lot of people," he said. "That's one of my favorite moments in my musical career for sure."

Because that song was so big in 2007, does Jesse regret giving it to Leona? "Everybody asks me that," he told us, "but I don't think a hit song is necessarily a hit song for everybody." He gives credit to all parties involved in the song's success. "It's accumulation of things. Obviously great writing, but the right artist performing it too," he said. "If you gave 'Bleeding Love' to any other artist, it doesn't necessarily mean it would be the hit that it was."

We have to agree that Jesse made the right call giving that song to Leona. "I'm actually really happy that she got it," he said. "I don't know if I kept that song for myself that it'd be the song that it is today." So what made Jesse share his prized song? "I think part of writing too is not being selfish and holding onto songs for yourself. You have to learn to let things go and share with other people."

Though Jesse revealed that his mom asks why he didn't keep "Bleeding Love"! Maybe the next one...

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