Niall Horan Pigging Out Over Break?

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Niall Horan has been pigging out during his One Direction break, taking to Twitter to share late night McDonald's runs and other junk food indulgences. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-158242%

We all know Niall Horan loves we're not surprised that he's spending some of his time off pigging out a bit.

The only problem? His trainer may not be so into Niall's dietary splurges!

We can always count on Niall to share what he's nomming on--and he's had a bit of a junk food week, as his recent tweets show.

On Friday night, he tweeted: "Wakin up in the middle of the night to eat spare ribs u didn't eat from Chinese takeaway earlier! Love it!"

We've all been there.

The next day, he shared: "Tired today! From my late night excursion to the microwave with spare ribs!"

Don't overdo it now, Nialler.

Later that day, he nabbed his second wind--and took it straight to McD's for a late-night snacky, as he tweeted: "Late night drive thru mc Donald's ! Wohooo"

Oh how we love this boy.

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