Zayn Malik Gets New Tattoo to Kick Off 2014!

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Zayn Malik got a new tattoo to ring in 2014. What's Zayn's new ink and what does Perrie Edwards think of it? Check out all the details. Zayn Malik new tattoo 2014
Zayn Malik got another new tattoo on his arm, and while we're busy trying to add up all the body art he has, check out this play-by-play from the tattoo shop owner...

Owner Paul O'Connor told Bournemouth News (via Look): "Perrie's brother Johnnie, popped in an hour before to ask if we could fit Zayn in," adding, "When Zayn arrived we had to lock the door because last time there were a crowd of screaming girls outside who kept coming in."

Sounds about right.

Zayn did manage to fly under the radar on this one, however, as the owner said, "There were just two girls stood outside this time. They saw him come in and waited until he left. We had to pull the blinds down to stop them looking in."

Perrie showed up at some point in the process, with the owner noting, "But about halfway through Perrie turned up and couldn't get in. She rang Zayn on his mobile to explain and then she walked off."

(Perrie reportedly waited for Zayn at a nearby pub.)

The owner continued, "He was here for about an hour and a half with Perrie's brother and a couple of other friends."

Zayn dished with the tattoo artist a bit about himself and Perrie too, as the owner explained: "He was relaxed and talkative. He said he and Perrie had a quiet New Year but he had a busy year ahead. I couldn't get a wedding date out of him."

Wouldn't that be cool if he did get the date though?

What is Zayn's newest tatoo? We don't know yet, but we've seen some buzz that it's an eye with tears falling?

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