Liam Payne Shoots Down One Direction Breakup Rumors

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Liam Payne took to Twitter to give an update on the One Direction breakup rumors. Are the 1D guys fighting with Harry Styles? Read what Liam said. Liam Payne shoots down One Direction breakup rumors
Not that he had to say anything...but Liam Payne totally shut down those One Direction breakup rumors.

You know, the one that said the guys were feuding over musical direction because Harry Styles wants to have a more rock sound?

Yeah, we thought it was a load of bull too, but it's nice to have Liam make a little statement about it on Twitter.

He tweeted: "Lots of articles saying we are clashing ... no ones clashing we are just having a bit of Family time after hitting the road for 3 years"

The previous day, Liam popped onto Twitter for a quick chat with fans, noting that he was "really good" and that he's "been busy chilling."

There you have it...a breakup? No.

A break from working their asses off? Uh, yeah...they totally deserve it.

One Direction's Liam Payne Takes To Twitter To Fend Off Rumors The Band Is Breaking Up!

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