Ke$ha's Mom in Rehab With Her

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60749, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Monday May 9 2011. Popstar Ke$ha takes her mum, Pebe Sebert, out for an evening in Los Angeles. TheWell, this is different.

According to a new report, Ke$ha has a surprising rehab companion--her mother.

The 26-year-old singer checked in to Timberline Knolls rehab center on January 3 to get treatment for an eating disorder and now it looks like her mom will be joining her.

While it might sound like mom is crashing in on her, Ke$ha was actually the one who urged her to come.

"I'm checking myself into Timberline Knolls today for post-traumatic stress disorder, at Ke$ha's urging," Pebe Sebert told People.

"This whole Dr. Luke thing has almost torn our family apart and taken over my life, and Ke$ha wants me to heal along with her," she continued.

There were reports that Ke$ha blames Dr. Luke (her music producer) for her eating disorder and her mother seemed to confirm that when she spoke out in an interview with RadarOnline on Friday. "She had been dieting and exercising and she got really thin and Luke told her she wasn't thin enough and needed a trainer," Pebe recalled.

Unfortunately, she says that a former advisor was putting a lot of pressure on Ke$ha, too, telling her that he basically didn't care what she did to lose the weight.

Ke$ha is reportedly being treated for bulimia.

We wish them both the very best.

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