Ariana Grande Hates New Weave? Read Ariana's Tweets About Hairstyle Woes

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It seems Ariana Grande and her new weave aren't getting along.

After last week's declaration that Ariana was ditching her signature half-up/half-down ponytail look for a fresh new weave...well, she may be having second thoughts.

Ariana took to Twitter to give fans the painful update, as she tweeted: "I literally wasn't joking about my weave I got a full out weave just to try it & I want to peel my scalp off and throw it off a mountain top."

Why does beauty have to inflict pain, anyway?

When a fan tweeted that her hair looks good down, she responded: "Pony tail bout to resurrect faster than Jesus... Tryin tho"

When asked why she opted for the weave, she explained that dying her hair hasn't done her any favors: "5 years of Cat Valentine hair dying torture every week lol"

She even joked that she may "shave it all off" but followed it with a "lol jk."

Do you think Ariana will stick with the new weave?

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