Harry Styles Gets Sweet Gift From Kendall Jenner

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Kendall Jenner bought Harry Styles a sweet gift for their recent ski trip date--a basket full of some of his favorite English foods, plus a special necklace. Are Hendall getting serious? %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-158247%

Harry Styles got a pretty special gift from Kendall Jenner, according to a new report.

We know that mom Kris Jenner maintains there is no Hendall and that the two are just friends, but this is pretty sweet.

Girlfriend sweet...or friend sweet? You decide.

According to Yahoo OMG UK, a source tells the site that Kendall put together a gift basket for Harry of his favorite English foods so that he wouldn't be homesick while on their ski trip.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach...or so they say.

The source explained, "It was a very loving thing to do because she really thought about him and what he likes."

The insider added, "Kendall knows Harry's favorites and how he specifies having English products on tour and was really thoughtful with her present for him."

The model/reality star reportedly stocked the basket with English breakfast tea, chocolates, peanut butter and apple juice.

She also reportedly gave Harry a silver and black necklace that a jeweler friend of hers made.

The source noted that Harry was thankful, explaing, "He couldn't get over how much care and tenderness went into it."

Good to know: guys like baskets full of food.

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