10 Times Mr. Fitz Gave Us the Creeps on PLL!

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We are heartbroken to learn that Mr. Fitz is associated with the A team! But take a look at what he's been saying, has be been creepy all along? We know! We're bummed too that this stud is getting a bit creepy. Now that Pretty Little Liars pretty much revealed that Mr. Fitz is either working with, involved with or possibly even is A himself-- we looked back and realized he was kind of creepy all along.

Look at him! What a charmer:

No wonder Aria couldn't resist:

Even Aria's friends were teasing her about how cute they were as a couple:

But then this episode happened:

And everything changed:

He had a different gaze in his eyes:

And what's realistic, Ezra?

We also noticed that he stepped out of the woman's restroom once with a cup in hand. Weird:


So you say...

Watch out, Mona! *really crazy eyes*

What do you want from Aria?!

Stop creepin' on her:

*crazy eyes*


Poor Aria:


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