Did 'Glee' Just Ruin the Entire Show? Fans Are Divided Over Huge Change Ahead

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Glee has some big changes ahead, with the show to shift entirely to New York City. What does that mean for the remainder of season five and the final sixth season? Glee moving to NYC for season five and six
Glee has some big changes ahead--and not all fans are excited about the show's new directions (Get it? New Directions?!?).

Jokes aside, Glee will be shifting its focus for the remainder of this season, so brace yourselves: McKinley High School will be a thing of the past as the show will soon take place solely in New York City.

We don't know how to feel about a change this big.

Glee's roots at McKinley High and the characters and their stories are what hooked us...but they eventually had to graduate and explore new territory.

Along the way, Glee has lost some fans as original cast members were no longer involved and the show split between some new faces in high school and some of the story lines of Glee's graduates.

While the shift to NYC will give more time to where Rachel, Santana and Kurt are in the world, well... we're not sure we're entirely psyched by the prospect of the show changing that much.

Fox's entertainment chairman, Kevin Reilly dished on the future of Glee at the Television Critics Association press tour, confirming that season six will be the show's last and giving details on what's in store.

He explained, "[Show creator] Ryan Murphy pitched the arc all the way through next season. What's going to happen this year is the kids will graduate and we're going to go to New York exclusively through the second half of the year, and then he's got some ideas about what we're going to do next year for the final year."

Of course, that means some characters won't be part of the show any longer, as he explained, "Some are going to be graduating and moving on. Creatively, it would be ridiculous if everybody moved to New York, so there's going to be some who are going to graduate and move on. And they'll come back in when we do special episodes."

Sound off--what do you think of the decision to move Glee to New York City? Which characters do you think will be along for the ride and who will we be saying goodbye to at graduation?

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