Jenelle Evans Says She Doesn't Regret Her Abortion

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is certainly no stranger to controversy. From her multiple arrests to fist fights and more relationship drama than anyone can Jenelle EvansTeen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is certainly no stranger to controversy.

From her multiple arrests to rehab and more relationship drama than anyone can seem to keep track of, the reality star always seems to have something going on in her life.

Currently pregnant with her boyfriend's child while still married to another man, Jenelle is once again causing a lot of controversy.

Ironically, though, that isn't even what has many people's blood boiling. In the trailer for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle contemplated getting an abortion.

Many pro-life fans were relieved when she announced her pregnancy, assuming that meant she had decided to go through with the pregnancy. Now, here's where things get complicated. Jenelle IS pregnant, but the abortion she was discussion on the show was for a previous pregnancy, which she did terminate.

Obviously, many fans were furious when they found out, with some of them taking to Twitter to share their discontent for her decision.

In a new interview with The Stir, Jenelle speaks out about her decision, saying she doesn't regret it.

"I don't regret the abortion. I think I'm prepared for the backlash," she explained. "I just don't want people judging me off the abortion for this new pregnancy. I want them to understand why I did it and where I was at and where I am now and how much better I am now and that it's OK to have a baby now."

Jenelle already has one child, Jace, whom her mother currently has primary custody of.

Do you think Jenelle is ready to take on the responsibility of being a parent or will her mom end up having to raise this child, too?

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