Celebs, Beware! Photobomb Queen Jennifer Lawrence Is on the Loose

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From Liam Hemsworth to Taylor Swift, no A-list celebrity can escape Jennifer Lawrence's hilarious photobombs. Check out all of the silly babe's epic sabotages on the red carpet! %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-161298%

Forget kicking off the new year with a bang. The hilariously lovable Jennifer Lawrence took it to the next level with a bomb--photobomb, that is!

As you know, Taylor Swift was the lucky recipient of J-Law's very first red carpet ambush of 2014 at the Golden Globes. Epic stuff!

It's no wonder the photobomb went off without a hitch...the Oscar winner has had A LOT of practice. Remember when she threw up jazz hands behind an unsuspecting Sarah Jessica Parker at last year's Met Gala? LOL!

From her Catching Fire castmates (above) to even her own boyfriend, actor Nicholas Hoult, it seems that no celeb is safe.

Check out just how dedicated to photobombing Jennifer is in our slideshow of the superstar's greatest pictorial pranks. We can't wait to see who will be J-Law's next target!

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Gallery | Celebs, Beware! Check Out Jennifer Lawrence's Best Photobombs


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