Snoozing at School? 14 Looks You Should Try to Avoid

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Feeling sleepy? We know all about trying to get through a day of school without taking a nap or two, but here's 14 looks we think would be best to avoid.

Here we go again: Wake up, it's time for school:

Usually we're already like this in period 1:

But sometimes we manage to keep our eyes open:

Other days, our necks aren't as strong:

Why is class so long?!?!

Then in between class your friends want to chit chat, but it's like:

We're barely getting through the day with our eyes open:

We also need bigger desks:

Can't you see we're really trying here?

Is school over yet?

We just want to catch some Z's:

Don't make us do this:

Or try the buddy system:

Then the best part happens. "Wait, we can go home now?"

We can't get to the doors fast enough (almost as fast as we'd get to a 1D concert):


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